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Elektra Belle Epoque Riforma – Limited Edition Espresso Machine

Elektra Belle Epoque Riforma – Limited Edition Espresso Machine


  • Group 2
  • Group 3


  • Copper & Acidated brass Dark
  • Copper & Acidated brass Light

Elektra espresso coffee limited edition machine built on demand. A maximum of 70 units will be manufactured, each accompanied by a unique label. It is a project born to celebrate the 70 years of the company by developing a new prestigious and unique finishing on our most famous and recognizable model: the timeless Belle Epoque column coffee machine.

This is how the Belle Epoque Riforma was born, available in 2 and 3 group versions.

The technical features that characterize this machine are:

  • Electronically programmable coffee and steam boiler temperature
  • Automatic coffee dispensing buttons with 4 programmable doses and a manual one
  • Integrated 200l/m rotary pump with super silent technology
  • Patented inspectable heat exchangers
  • Lead-free brass dispensing units (OT57)
  • Multidirectional steam wand and hot water tap
  • Anti-torsion metal frame
  • Automatic independent group cleaning cycle
  • ECO mode for energy saving



Copper & Acidated brass Dark, Copper & Acidated brass Light


Group 2, Group 3


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