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Elektra Verve mini espresso machine

Elektra Verve mini espresso machine


  • Chrome & Wood
  • Chrome & Black


Group 1

 We have the pleasure to offer Elektra Verve Mini 1gr espresso machine

The Verve Mini Levetta is a beautiful  dual boiler machine that houses a 2L built in water tank making it completely self contained. Along with these outstanding features, this machine also allows you to control your machine temperatures and pre-infusion times via your smartphone. Not only will the Elektra Mini Verve look stunning on your kitchen bench, you can also trust it to continuously produce outstanding coffee.


Features & Specifications 

  • Stainless Body & Italian Black Accents
  • Dual Boiler
  • Leva Activation
  • Smartphone User Interface
  • Wifi + Smartphone Controlled PID
  • Wifi + Smartphone Controlled Pre-infusion
  • Specifications
    • Steam Boiler Capacity 1,6L.
    • Group Boiler Capacity 0,14L.
    • Steam Pressure Gauge.
    • Water tank 2L.
    • Net Weight 21 kg.
    • Steam Boiler Power 1000 W.
    • Delivery Unit Power 600W.
    • Dimensions (HWD) cm: 41 x 31 x 45.

Chrome & Wood, Chrome & Black


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