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Magister Miura series coffee machine

Magister Miura series coffee machine


  • Maroon
  • Navy


  • Group 2
  • Group 3

Description and technical sheet


  • Service water and steam boiler of 11lt., 3500/4500W in the 2 groups version, 17lt., 4500/5400W in the 3 groups version, with transversal exchangers and electric temperature control.
  • 550ml 700W coffee boilers powered by preheated water from the service boiler exchangers, independent electronic temperature control for each individual group.
  • Groups with thermosiphon heating via independent boilers.
  • Volumetric pump with balanced bypass
  • Double scale manometer
  • Filter holder with anti-scald handle
  • Cool touch steam wands
  • Lifting cup grids
  • 24Vdc solenoid valves with electronic management capable of detecting and signaling malfunctions or breakdowns
  • Hot water mixer with two programmable doses from the menu
  • 24V switching power supply
  • Triac card for controlling the resistances of the service boiler and the coffee boiler
  • 72×54 mm color touch screen display: a main display for general programming of the machine functions, a display for each group used as a button panel for coffee dispensing and information display for the relative group
  • Worktop led lights
  • Sides molded in polyurethane with glossy two-tone paint and LED lighting
  • Height-adjustable steel foot




Maroon, Navy


Group 2, Group 3


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