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Astoria Core200 Espresso Machine

Astoria Core200 Espresso Machine


  • Group 2
  • Group 3


  •  Measurements: Height 51cm x Width 74cm x Depth  49cm

  •  Weight: 67kg

  •  Power: 3,700W-4,000W, 220-240 Volts

  •  Boiler capacity: 10.5 litres

Recommended Installation Requirements

  • Fresh Cold Water Supply with Stopcock

  • 20amp Socket for Machine and 13amp Socket for a Grinder.

  • 60mm Hole in Counter, centred where machine will sit, to allow access for water and drainage pipes

  • Room in cupboard under machine to locate Water Filter and mains drainage standpipe or alternatively a bucket

  • Locate the machine where it has space to be used with consideration for future access for annual inspection and servicing


  • Shot Timer – Indication of the extraction times for each group.

  • Backlit Astoria logo.

  • Flap rack in each group – Allows the machine to be used both for espresso
    cups and for glasses of milk-based beverages.

  • Larger diameter steam nozzles – Allow more consistency in the quality of the
    steam, improved milk frothing. milk-based beverages.

  • LED Work Light – Allows the “barista” to work in optimal conditions
    even in reduced visibility environments such as
    pubs, clubs, etc.

  • Mechanical “filocarrozzeria” buttons – They keep the pediment clean and thanks to their
    mechanical nature they avoid defects due to
    steam, dirty hands, wet hands, etc.

  • Four different pre-set doses in the SAE version.

  • Front cut under the pediment – Reduces the working time allowing the bartender
    to see at a glance the ring holder coupler ring
    without having to lower.

  • Body – All bodywork, excluding curbs, are made of sheet
    metal making a solid and resistant machine.


Group 2, Group 3


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