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Elektra Belle Epoque coffee machine

Elektra Belle Epoque coffee machine


  • Group 2
  • Group 3


  • Brass Polished
  • Chrome
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It is in the Belle Epoque coffee machines that our artisans give their best by forging noble metals such as copper and brass, alternating moments of ancient workmanship with avant-garde methods. This coffee machine is very original in its vertical development, the Belle Epoque (also known as the coffee machine with the eagle) is a machine of inimitable class, where beauty blends with functionality and reliability. The different finishings of copper and brass, modelled with a design of retro charm, give it a distinct personality ideal for embellishing the choreography of refined and elegant places.

At Elektra we have a quirk: we believe that every detail make a difference.

The technical features that characterize this machine are:

  • Electronically programmable coffee and steam boiler temperature
  • Automatic coffee dispensing buttons with 4 programmable doses and a manual one
  • Integrated 200l/m rotary pump with super silent technology
  • Patented inspectable heat exchangers
  • Lead-free brass (OT57) dispensing units with high thermal stability (weight > 2 kg each)
  • Multidirectional steam wand and hot water tap
  • Anti-torsion metal frame
  • Automatic independent group cleaning cycle
  • ECO mode for energy saving



Brass Polished, Chrome


Group 2, Group 3


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