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BWT Filter

BWT Filter

Water makes up 98% of every cup of coffee, therefore ensuring that your machine has the right anti-limescale protection is a guarantee of constant quality, perfect taste and optimal crema and body.

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Water and coffee
Espresso preparation is influenced by the presence of chlorine, anomalous odors – particularly sulfur compounds, with a direct influence on the perception of floral and fresh fruit flavors – and by the degree of water hardness ( calcium and magnesium salts). Although calcium is essential for obtaining body and an elastic and stable cream, a high hardness generally plays in favor of the quality of the coffee, but also conflicts with the need to maintain the efficiency of the machine.

BWT filters
To ensure a perfect sensory profile, innovative methods have been developed consisting of filters that combine limescale protection with the removal of unwanted substances so as not to compromise the sensory quality of the coffee and the metal parts of the machine. Thanks to the adoption of the BWT water+more filtration system, Astoria machines allow you to obtain a coffee with an excellent flavor and healthier for the body. The BWT multifunctional filtration system protects the vital parts of the coffee machine, ensures greater steam production even at low temperatures and consists of cartridges which, once used up, are 100% recyclable, in line with BWT’s green vision. Astoria.

The BWT bestmax SMART filters
The bestmax SMART filtering system, developed on the needs of preparing quality coffee and tea, guarantees water of sublime sensory quality. Thanks to the very high level of filtration given by IEX boosts efficiency, long life and compact filter size. In addition to limiting the formation of limescale, the water is best mineralized thanks to a further developed bypass technology. The bestmax SMART filter system consists of a filter cartridge with a screw-on besthead connection head. The bypass (0-3) is adjusted on the filter head according to the hardness of the water and the installation requirements. A non-return valve on the inlet side prevents backflow and uncontrolled water outflow.


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