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Magister Alpha series coffee machine

Magister Alpha series coffee machine


  • Group 2
  • Group 3

Description and technical sheet


Automatic dispensing machine with volumetric dosing.

  • Polished steel bodywork
  • Steel side panels with led lights
  • Volumetric pump with balanced by-pass
  • Coffee dispensing with volumetric dosage (4 doses per group, continuous delivery button)
  • Dose programming in learning mode
  • Hot water delivery with timed dosage
  • Lever taps
  • Two stainless steel steam wands with rubber grip
  • Hot water diffuser in stainless steel
  • Filter holder with Magister personalized anti-scald knob
  • White LED backlit 6-key push-button panels with customized Magister graphics
  • LED light indicators
  • LED lights for worktop lighting
  • Boiler temperature electronic control adjustable from keyboard
  • Switching power supply able to compensate for sudden changes in voltage
  • Electronic pre-infusion that can be deactivated from the keyboard
  • Minimum water level control in the boiler and automatic activation of the heating
  • Display shows:
    •     machine name;
    •     boiler temperature;
    •     coffee dispensing time for each group (chrono function);
    •     maintenance alarms;
    •     any malfunctions and malfunctions
  • The buttons on the push-button panel give access to the menu where it is possible to set:
    •     on and off time;
    •     boiler temperature;
    •     pre-infusion times;
    •     maintenance alarms;
  • Version 2 and 3 groups TALL CUP

Optional on request:

  • EPS
  • Tea mixer
  • Cup warmer with thermostat
  • Electric cup warmer
  • “EPS” thermostatic steam wand system for heating/frothing the milk
  • Color filter holder



Group 2, Group 3


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