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Magister F 2006 HP Multiboiler series

Magister F 2006 HP Multiboiler series


  • Group 2
  • Group 3

Description and technical sheet


Dispensing machine with volumetric dosing and microprocessor control with keyboards and TFT display with innovative system for independently adjusting the temperature and pressure profiles of the groups.


  • Body in mirror polished AISI 304 – 18/8 stainless steel
  • LED illuminated Magister logo on the back
  • Chromed feet
  • High Group version for cups up to 185 mm
  • Latest generation electronics with switching power supply and 24V solenoid valves with significant improvements in terms of operation
  • Individually heated dispensing groups with coffee boiler, made of thick printed material with a capacity of 400 cc.
  • Large capacity service boiler for water and steam
  • Group boiler with independent electronic deactivation/stand-by for energy saving
  • Steam wands in stainless steel with cool touch technology and rubber grip
  • Hot water dispenser in stainless steel with programmable dosage and temperature
  • Illuminated touch screen control keyboards
  • Instant temperature display for each group on keyboard
  • Display of the coffee dispensing time on the keyboard
  • Washing of the automatic unit from the headboard
  • Touch screen graphic display with the possibility of:
    •     programmable on and off;
    •     digital clock;
    •     dosing control in memory;
    •     dosage adjustment from the display;
    •     boiler water level control;
    •     language selection on display;
    •     electrical troubleshooting;
    •     check electronic cup warmer functioning status;
    •     check number of deliveries;
    •     schedule periodic maintenance;
  • Counter for dispensing coffee and hot water on the display with the possibility of resetting
  • Periodic assistance program
  • Purifier regeneration program
  • Electronic boiler level control with protection for lack of water
  • Volumetric pump with built-in balanced by-pass
  • Electric cup warmer
  • Heating after boiler filling
  • Boiler temperature electronic control
  • Possibility of inserting the economizer system after a certain machine downtime

Optional on request:

  • Version without pressure profiles
  • “EPS” thermostatic steam wand system for heating/frothing milk with display control and possibility of adjusting 2 different temperatures.
  • WiFi module to manage machine functions from Smartphone




Group 2, Group 3


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