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Magister hrc series coffee machine

Magister hrc series coffee machine


  • Group 2
  • Group 3

Description and technical sheet


Automatic electronic programmable dosing machine

  • Volumetric pump with built-in balanced by-pass
  • Standard autolevel
  • Volumetric dosing red LED push button for coffee dispensing command (programmable from 0 to 3000 cc) with 4 doses per group, and continuous dispensing key
  • Electric heating with safety thermostat
  • A faucet dispensing hot water
  • Two steam taps

Optional on request:

  • Infuser on brew group
  • Gas connection kit
  • Lowered version for the use of 135 mm high glasses
  • Easily interchangeable adapter for paper and plastic pods to be applied to the normal dispensing unit
  • Cappuccinatore or manual milk frother



Group 2, Group 3


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